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No Scams Necessary

This is your sign that the idea you have to scam people will lead to a bad end.

Scams are running rampant in several of our communities and while I was excited at first to see an explosion of entrepreneurship, now I’m concerned as to the TYPE of business dealings I’ve been seeing.

As a woman of color from a rough upbringing, I am a testament to the fact that you as a person of color do NOT have to scam in order to become successful.

Please do not cheat YOURSELF into the idea that the ONLY way to achieve the success of others is to get there with tricks, fraudulent tactics and manipulation.

Everything you want in life can be won with integrity and if you don’t believe me it’s because your self esteem is lacking. Only a person with low self esteem and shortsightedness would risk their future and reputation by participating in shady business dealings in this climate where in which people are being exposed for these actions on a daily basis. You can do better than that.

That “easy” way isn’t smart and leads to ultimate downfall, embarrassment and further failure. Drop it now. Find a way that is congruent with your morals and values and if you lack in morals and values, find ethical principles to live by to regulate yourself properly.

Conversely, please do not fall for the promotions of people who prey on the desperate with “easy” and “quick” fixes to their financial and career problems. You are the reason why these people continue to thrive. Please do proper research and do not allow the Insatiable desire for more to blind you to obviously shady “opportunities”.

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