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Meet Labeaud

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Labeaud Colbert, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After being displaced by HURRICANE KATRINA, Labeaud and her family relocated to Fort Worth, Texas where she immediately became an active community member quickly becoming a sought after thought leader on faith based self help. Labeaud began a faith based counseling practice for underserved Christian community members seeking relief from addiction, trauma and personal struggles. During that time, she began regularly podcasting, guest blogging as a syndicated writer and penning several books addressing community interests. As a strong advocate for mental health awareness, she is dedicated to educating people on the benefits of therapy and self care. Labeaud is driven by the idea that we all have a purpose and she is dedicated to living a life of community service.


For nearly twenty years, Labeaud has partnered with nonprofit organizations to mobilize volunteers and plan strategic programs designed to inspire and motivate at risk youth or otherwise needy families. She has been recognized for her outstanding work by the Shades of Success Banquet honoring black women community leaders from Louisiana. 


Labeaud has a passion for democratizing resources and access to business acumen among disadvantaged women. Joining the efforts of 1 Million Cups and Startup Weekend, she served as a business coach advising small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing consultation and marketing services to help launch their businesses. In 2019 Labeaud started Labeaud LLC, a remote digital marketing and technology staffing consultancy. Under this umbrella, she launched an international mentorship program teaching and employing aspiring executives around the world.


Not only is she an accomplished writer and business owner, Labeaud is also a professional Actress and model, starring in feature films, commercials and print ads. As a devoted mother of three and a true renaissance woman, Labeaud currently consults as a Senior Marketing Analyst, entrepreneur and podcaster of the highly acclaimed show Labeaud's Life Lessons dedicated to mentoring young women.


Labeaud Colbert

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