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How Hatred Truly Works

Hate is embedded within the minds of the perpetrator over time to a point where they’re compelled to act on it. No matter what safety measures we implement, no matter how many weapons we take away, without addressing hate our systems to protect our citizens will continuously fail us.

Hate is separate from mental illness and we must agree that one can exist absent from the other or in combination but regardless both must become the priority in this country.

While mental health is easier for the government to address than hatred is, we must also accept that both are the nature of man. There will never be an era on earth where both are completely ratified. What happened in Uvalde happens all over the world in pockets. It has happened many times over because of hatred.

We must address what happens in our country but this issue won’t ever be resolved by laws because the cause of it is the condition of the mind and heart. Can laws prevent some attacks? Yes, but only some.

Look at the airport, when you step up airport security what do they do? They shoot stores and schools. You can take away the guns and they’ll use bombs or chemicals. Why? Human nature is violent.

We’ve always been and always will be violent and hateful. The real answer is to raise our kids better. Get them mental help and rid them of hatred/depression early on. That’s the best thing we can do aside from instituting laws and systems to protect each other in the interim.

My condolences to the families of each one lost.

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