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Gratitude For Your Life

Updated: May 16, 2022

People seeking validation haven't found gratitude within themselves FOR themselves. Let's talk about it.

Do you appreciate your worth? The other day I posted about how I'm grateful to myself and I asked people what are you grateful to yourself for? Are you diligent? Are you determined? Do you still know how to pick yourself up every day? And step out? And even though the odds are against you, you know how to go after it? What your whole heart? That's bravery. Are you grateful for them? Have you recognized yourself for being the person you are? If you're a good person? Have you recognized it? I know you're worried about if other people have recognized it, but what about you?

You're A Fighter

You haven't given up yet and that has value.

I'm not talking about developing a sense of pride in a negative way. But it's okay to be proud of yourself and grateful that you have kept going, okay, because many people give up every day somebody is on the ledge. They're on the ledge of a bridge on the ledge of a building because they're ready to throw in the towel, but you haven't and that has value.

Needing Approval

People with a bad self image need approval, they need approval. They need approval and the reason why they need approval is because they have not learned how to admire their own work. Whatever good that they do is never good enough. And this, why this is why externally, they're always looking for somebody else to approve them.

Stop It

Stop seeking validation. It makes you act and think like an enemy of achievers.

This is why externally, they're always looking for somebody else to approve them. Their own approval means very little to them is always about what other people think. So I want you to ask yourself, do you know how to appreciate your own worth?

Get Inspired

Never allow yourself to forget how wonderful you are!

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