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Lessons To Overcome Failure

Updated: May 16, 2022

Failures are unpleasant reminders that the journey isn't over.

I don't know anyone who has failed more than I have. And it's almost as if I have become an expert failure. So it hit me the other day that though I cannot teach like many other speakers can on always winning in life. I can at least teach one how to deal with failing. If you have failed multiple times in life like me, then you probably know how to deal with failure in some way or another but for those of you out there just embarking on a new business, ministry, marriage, important relationships and ventures, I know that you'll find this blog entry helpful since I have managed to fail at all of those things.

See The Situation For What It Is

It's hard to see clearly through teary eyes. Take your mind off of the pain and refocus it on your picture. Broken hearts are always without hope. When you feel you've lost hope it's because you have take your eyes off of the picture. Go back to your picture. Wipe your eyes, dust yourself off and objectively look at what has happened without the negativity.

Examine where you've made a mistake and create steps to approaching it differently. Everyone's made mistakes. It's just a matter of time but you have to know how to go back and address it. Go back to your plan and ask yourself if it was flawed. What was missing? What never got done? Considering all that has been transpired, what can save your situation? What steps will you take to see it through and who can help you?

Duplicate The Positive

It's easy to forget the good when everything seems to be falling apart. What good has come out of what you have done or what you have left? Magnify that, and try your best to make it happen again and again.

Write down every negative thing that you have thought and others have said. Extract the truth from that list and throw the rest of it away.

Not everyone is qualified to seed words into your life. Don't allow it. But it is true that enemies will tell you what a friend is afraid to say. Write down the words of the critics and the negative thoughts. See what truth lies between the lines because if you don't you leave yourself open to major attacks from the enemy. But don't take in all of it. Realize when people are saying things to be mean. Realize when people are saying things out of ignorance or fear.

Make the issue to a few mentors who understand what you are trying to do and who are unbiased in their advice. Somebody knows what you don't. Somebody's been where you have and they may hold the key to your escape. Go to a mentor who has seen the challenges you have. Be sure to not hold back because a mentor cannot be helpful unless you share the whole truth. A true mentor will be discreet and only want to help you.

Never discuss your failures with people who have opposed your goals, who are not knowledgeable about the subject or who have no interest in helping you.

People who have criticized, challenged or sneered at your attempts in life have no right to hearing what they want to hear, which is that you've failed. Don't give them the satisfaction. They'll take pleasure in your pain and feel more self righteous. People who have not knowledge of business can't help you with business problems. People unmarried cannot help you with marital problems. Don't share your problems with someone who cannot help you with them. It makes no sense. It only makes good gossip. And if people aren't interested in helping you, there is no purpose in telling them as well. Only go to people who are supportive, knowledgeable and helpful with your failures.

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